Magnetic card

Magnetic stripe card


   The magnetic stripe card is a kind of medium card can be writen down magnetism the.. It is made by the high strength , able to bear the high-temperature plastics or the paper coating plastics. Can be dampproof, Wear-resisting and having certain flexibility. It is reliable to comparatively carry convenient , use steadily. Usually, One side of magnetic stripe card prove message of briefing and etc. to have to print. Such as inserting the card direction.. Another side is magnetosphere or magnetic stripes. Have 2-3 magnetism in order to write down the relevant information data ones.

   Magnetic stripe one arranging directional iron nature oxidize the material that the particle makes up thin. (Call it the pigment too). Glue and mix together tightly with the resin binder. Is it shut in at the magnetism substrate media to glue.

@Magnetic stripe make peace tape that computer spend or magnetic disc the same from essential meaning. It can be used for recording the letter , character and digital information. Equal to or hot and shut and exactly mix with the plastics or the paper together and form the magnetic stripe card firmly through gluing. The information included in the magnetic stripe is generally bigger than rectangular yard. Can be divided into three independent magnetism ones in the magnetic stripe. Called TK1, TK2, TK3. TK1. Can write 79 letters or characters at most. TK2 can write 40 characters at most. TK3 can write 107 characters at most.,Accord with the international standard ISO7810,7811

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